Going on Military Leave 09/27/16-??

Out for a while. Just giving a heads up. […]

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Toy Review: Badcube Speed Bump

Another 3rd Party Transformer character war has begun, and this time it’s for Trailbreaker! Bad Cube has thrown their “Speed Bump” figure into the foray. […]

By | September 26th, 2016|Featured, Kuma's Reviews|1 Comment

Toy Review: Sen-ti-nel 4inch-nel Megaman EXE (RockMan Exe)

Where the Megaman 8 rendition disappointed, EXE really gives me a good feeling about this line. […]

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Toy Review: Sen-ti-nel 4inch-Nel MegaMan

Another year and another new line of Megaman figures. […]

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Collector Cast Interview series #1: Brandon of The Chosen Prime

In the first interview of the series, Josh of Plastic Spark Photography and myself got the opportunity to chat it up with The Chosen Prime’s Brandon W! […]

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