Toy Review: MakeToys Manga Mech Series Rear End

MakeToys is now officially certified in First-Aid! […]

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Toy Review: MakeToys MTCM-04D Hi-Med

MakeToys is now officially certified in First-Aid! […]

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Gallery: Fansproject’s Severo (add-on w requests)

Since Reviewing Fansproject's Severo, I've received several requests for comparisons. I've decided to make an additional gallery with a few comparisons and fun pictures I just plain felt like taking. I could only take pictures of the figures that I own, so if your request isn't here, remember that this item is 7" and use [...]

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Toy Review: Iron Factory IF-EX 13 Trinity Elite Warrior

Iron Factory Blitzing its competition with Trinity Elity Warrior! […]

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Toy Review: MakeToys’ MTCM-04E Katana

Katana takes Blades’ blades to use as a blade! […]

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