SHATTERED CAST UNCUT Episode 41: “Shut the $#@! Up Chip!”

The crew recaps some of the NYCC reveals, discusses Warbotron’s Vortex, and dx9’s mirage among other things. Discussion for the week is a discussion about BMOG and the shape ways super fan art as well as episode 4 of transformers G1! […]

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Shattered Cast Ep. 40: “BattleShip Sunk my Career!”

The crew looks at a couple Snarls nobody intends to pick up, some TFcon Mastershooter exclusives, and for the first time Hasbro seems to have more interesting news than the third party! The crew discusses the first 3 episodes of G1, but most importantly we talk with Rik Alvarez from Play with this Too! […]

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Shattered Cast Uncut: Episode 39: “You’ve been you son of a…”

After Skype tries it’s hardest to keep Deluxe off the show the crew finally manages to get together to talk about the latest third party news. Some being news that makes sense and others that leaves us scratching our heads. Due to the light news week we bring in reinforcements as Alex Milne talks to us and answers some of your questions about the IDW comics! […]

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Shattered Cast Uncut: Episode 38: “This is not a Knock Off”

The crew battles Skype lag and a ringing phone due to the sale man who just HAD to talk to T2RX6 and called over and over. As usual the crew discusses some of the latest 3rd party developments including Warbotron’s Afterburner, Some headmaster upgrades we don’t understand and of course the Official News! Also this week we’ve got a special guest to discuss all things TFcon USA! So once again join us at the cool table for Episode 38 of Shattered Cast Uncut! […]

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Shattered Cast Episode 33

This week the SCU crew discusses the Warbotron Afterburner and the head robots Scorponok upgrade kit as well as the latest reveals of the RID legends line and the TFCC Marissa Faireborn! […]

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