The home stretch to the finish of Fansproject’s Lost Exo Realm Dinos nears with Comera and Echara!

Producer: Fansproject

Price: Approx. $80

Release Date: Jan. 2017

Item Height: Approx. 6.25″

Item Weight: N/A

WHERE TO BUY: The Chosen Prime – Comera currently sold out

overview white

Earlier this year, Fansproject released the latest in their Lost Exo Relam (LER) homages to the Transformers “Dinobot” group in Comera and Echara. Both being completely new character ideas, they’re a shared base mold with different headsculpts, coloring, and head shapes for their alt. modes (Comera becomes a Velociraptor while Echara a Pachycephalosaurus.) Utilizing a very a decent level of articulation, a good variety of accessories, and quick transformation sequence these two make for a fun and easy “play” time while looking very fitting next to the rest of the Lost EXO Realm team.

Overall Score: 5.0/10 – The robot mode is where these two really shine and while they look incredible the lack of bicep swivel really takes away from not only the articulation but the “feel” of a lot of love being put into their designs. The alt. mode designs are pretty lacking in the sense articulation and hiding robot mode parts. The different weapons and variations on what you can do with dino mode kibble really give a lot of variety and the ability to really make them look/feel “different” from each other which is a pretty big deal when buying both. Overall, if I were to choose or suggest one, it’d be Comera. In my opinion, Echara has a better head sculpt but Comera having an actual face vs. a mask makes her stand out more as well as Comera having an overall better weapon set.

Check out the gallery below, and make sure to orders yours at The Chosen Prime.