Iron Factory put out another great toy; who’s surprised? Booster Spear is another notch on their now Batman-like belt.

Producer: Iron Factory

Price: Approx. $70 USD

Release Date: Feb. 2018

Item Height: Approx. 4″

Item Weight: N/A

Batteries: N/A

WHERE TO BUY: The Chosen Prime

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So Iron Factory has released the latest and last set of two in their “War Giant” combiner team with Booster Spear and Spin Vulture. In order to give the most in depth review possibly while keeping things concise, I’ve split this set into two separate reviews for each robot in the set and then the combined War Giant will be its own, third review. Check out this review and gallery for Booster Spear and let me know what you think in the comments because despite its size, I really think that this is one of the better homages to the Transformers Bruticus team member Blastoff out there.

Build: Booster Speak is a completely plastic piece. For the most part the areas are pretty strong but I’d advise watching the tab that helps maneuver the head from depressed to upright between robot and alt. modes. If the head seems to get “caught,” press the bottom of the square panel on its back to make space to flip the rest of the way up to keep from risking warping or breaking that tab.

Accessories: A few guns and a stand adapter make up Booster Spear’s arsenal.

Articulation: The articulation on Booster Spear is absolutely incredible for a Legend-scaled piece and I really imploring you guys as readers to check out the video section to see it in motion. I know that a lot of it is owed to the additional parts used for the combiner arm mode’s articulation, but seeing true ab crunch and the like on this piece just put me over the moon. It’s very, very wel articulated and a load of fun to play with in its robot mode.

Overall Score: 9.5/10 – Booster Spear definitely fits in with the ongoing “theme” of Iron Factory releases getting more and more consistently more “solid” releases in terms of polish and general quality control. I really enjoy the look of this Vortex homage and particularly with the insane articulation thrown in there, I don’t think there’s much more that I could ask for in a Legends-classed version of it. I honestly not only recommend this (as well as Spin Vulture) to complete the War Giant combiner, but Booster Spear is honestly worth buying to display on its own right as well. It’s a very nice looking piece with the playability and durability to make it a fun desk toy as well. My biggest “gripe” is that in arm mode the cockpit is actually the inward side of the shoulder instead of outwards as traditionally placed. It isn’t anything that takes away from functionality but is very odd to look at.

Check out the gallery below and if you fancy one of your own, check out The Chosen Prime and order yours.