The latest in NeoArt Toys’ Beast Muscle Leonidas line gives the piece an Evangelion-inspired color scheme and a bump in quality from the original releases.

Producer: NeoArt Toys

Price: Approx. $90

Release Date: Aug. 2017

Item Height: 8.25″

Item Weight: N/A


overview white

Even though the NeoArt Toys Beast Muscle Leonidas Eva Color Matching version brings a new deco and improved joint quality to the existing Leonidas mold from Perfect Effect, there’s really not much else to say about it as I’ve already went pretty in-depth on the mold and transformation itself in the previous PE-DX08 Origin Leonidas and Xerxes reviews on this site. Check out the video review above as well as the gallery below to see this piece in motion as well as comparisons to the Origin Leonidas.

Overall Score: 8.0/10 – I’m all about creators getting their deserved recognition as well as financial compensation, however it gets blurry when these companies like NeoArt art taking the base designs but then addings things like improved quality control and decos not released by the originating companies. “Knock offs” have become a hot-button topic among the collecting fandom (particularly the Transformers community over the past few years,) and even though it’s all subjective/preferential I have to say that this Eva Color Matching Leonidas by NeoArt Toys really hits a good spot with me with a fantastic deco. and really strong joints compared to the three releases of Leonidas by Perfect Effect. Also having the PE-DX08 “Origin” Leonidas and Xerxes by Perfect Effect I can definitely attest that there’s a spot for both the Eva Color Matching Leonidas as well as the Perfect Effect releases on your shelved. This one gets a strong recommendation from me.

Check out the gallery below, and make sure to orders yours at TF-Direct.