Sentinel offers up a Rush Armor AND a Robot Master in this exclusive 2 pack.

Producer: Sen-ti-nel

Price: Approx. $75 USD

Release Date: Nov. 2016

Item Height: Approx. 4″

Item Weight: N/A

WHERE TO BUY: Gen-ti-nel Online Shop (Sold out)

overview white

Late last year, Sentinel released limited runs of 2 pairs of Megaman characters in their 4inch-nel line. One of them was a 2-pack of Cutman and Super Megaman (This is where Megaman merges with his robo-puppy “Rush” for a powered-up armor.) This set not only includes the two, super-articulated figures but a nice amount of accessories and a stand for each of them. Check out the video above as well as my thoughts and gallery below and let me know what you think.

Overall Score: 7.0/10 – Sen-ti-nel did a good job with this limited release in that it not only gave us a “special” armor with the Rush armor but a Robot Master as well. Seeing Cutman in particular really makes me want to see more non-Megaman characters from the series in this line however I fear that the line’s dedication to keeping all figures at 4″ might hinder a lot of what they can do with additional characters in general. With only Megaman variants being announced in the mainline as of this time, it’s wait-and-see.

Check out the gallery below, and even though this was a limited run that sold out keep an eye on Gen-ti-nel Online Shop for future products.