Sentinel takes shows off their Re:Edit Iron Man line standards with its best piece to date with the House of M armor.

Producer: Sentinel

Price: Approx. $250 USD

Release Date: Oct. 2017

Item Height: Approx. 7.25″

Item Weight: N/A


overview white

Sentinel has kept the Re:Edit Iron Man train chugging along with their twelfth entry into the series; the House of M armor. The armor from the aptly named “House of M”
series is very unique even within the dozens of comic Iron Man suits due to it’s style really being similar to those of Japanese mecha (which of course, makes it a favorite.) Surprisingly to me, this homage to the armor actually streamlines and slims the suit down a bit vs. the others taking a more “aggressive” approach to what that homage. The detailing on the House of M armor is just pristine with the “right” amount of panel lines throughout to make it feel like detailed attention was paid while not overdoing it. The articulation is to the high standard of the line with a lot of moving pieces to make way for the more extended motions of it. It comes with a “Hall of Armor” stand as well as a variety of hands per usual but the money comes in the giant jetpack also used in the comics. Featuring additional LEDs for the thrusters, this piece has articulation and optional pieces that give you a variety of flight directions and looks. It also comes with an articulated ammo belt for the huge blaster that attaches to the House of M armor’s forearm and a larger (and IMO much more preferred) stand that attaches to the jetpack and balances it extremely well for flight-styled poses.

Make sure to check out the in-depth video review above as well as my thoughts and gallery below and then let me know what you think in the comments!

Overall Score: 9.5/10 – There are a lot of things that are subjective about any product from quality to “worth” in terms of pricing vs. quality, materials, engineering, etc. and in my opinion the House of M armor really meets all of those marks. Although the price is high to the point where (as stated in the video portion) I don’t believe I’d START collecting this line at it, the House of M armor is really the pinnacle of the Re:Edit Iron Man line. The build, engineering, weighty/diecast feel, and even accessories are just tops. Beautiful to look at, play with, and just immaculately done. It’s definitely not cheap, but if it’s feasible for you then I’d definitely recommend it even if it’s the only piece out of the line you get as this and their Hulkbuster I feel represent the best of what the line is about. Honestly the only nitpick I even have with it is that cover piece on the back (the red, top layer) being so hard to remove the first time around. Outside of that, this piece is everything I’d want in a House of M armor representation and then some.

Check out the gallery below and if you fancy one of your own, check out AmiAmi and order yours.