In another, exclusive 2 pack, Sentinel gives us the remaining Rush Armors in all of their flying and punching glory.

Producer: Sen-ti-nel

Price: Approx. $75 USD

Release Date: Nov. 2016

Item Height: Approx. 4″

Item Weight: N/A

WHERE TO BUY: Gen-ti-nel Online Shop (Sold out)

overview white

Although the 2 pack of Super Megaman and Cutman were previously reviewed, Sen-ti-nel released another 4inch-nel Megaman two pack at the same time containing the Jet and Power variants of the Rush Armor. Honestly, this is the kind of stuff I’d like to see more companies doing in terms of exclusives. Check out the video review above as well as my thoughts and gallery below and let me know what you think.

Overall Score: 8.0/10 – I have an admitted bias because the Powered Megaman armor is one of the most cool things in the classic Megaman games to me. With that being said, I feel like this two pack of “Rush” armors in Jet and Power Megaman is really good stuff and it’s nice to see Megaman variants that are more than just simple repaints.

Check out the gallery below, and even though this was a limited run that sold out keep an eye on Gen-ti-nel Online Shop for future products.