Sentinel jumps onto the Kaiju train with their Anti-Godzilla weapon Shiryu and I’m all aboard.

Producer: Sentinel (designed by Yoji Shinkawa of Kojima Productions)

Price: Approx. $165

Release Date: July 2017

Item Height: Approx. 7.25″

Item Weight: N/A


overview white

Sentinel has brought us a piece under their Riobot line inspired by the Godzilla vs. Evangelion project in the NERV G Anti-Gozilla Weapon, Shiryu. This piece feels like Sahelanthropus (also designed by Yoki Shinkawa) meets Mecha Godzilla in terms of design and play-wise, it literally feels fantastic. Being all-plastic rather than the mixture of diecast parts that Sentinel is known for, Shiryu’s ability to balance in the insane amount of poses that its advanced articulation allows for really shines. Little things like the back and calf spikes being articulated really add to the look of Shiryu on top of really showing that this is a more high-end design.

The look of this one really stands out… the Metal-Gear inspiration from Shinkawa really shows as it feels like you could easily place this design in one of the games. The color choice and separation are utter perfection and it’s impressive to see things like the gradients in his back-spikes done so smoothly. The addition of the NERV logo (seen on Godzilla vs. Evangelion merchandise) on Shiryu’s shoulder is a great touch.

The accessories are fairly light in an extra set of hands, two “Anti-Kaiju Battle Blades” that attached to its forearms, a “regular-colored” piece for the end of its tail, and the larger-sized, standard Sentinel Stand. I’m ok with it because there’s not anything else I can think of that I want for this piece.

In terms of niggles that I have with this piece, I’d say that I wish there was a better range of articulation in it’s neck joints (more side-to-side swong and the ability to look its head straight upwards and run in line with his neck,) thicker plastics anywhere possible for the sake of a more “weighty” feel, and I think this would have been a great opportunity to implement LED lights in the eyes and mouth not only for look, but to justify the higher price a bit more.

Overall Score: 8.0/10 – This is a solid and very well engineered piece. The lack of diecast is actually a plus in that it helps Shiryu really get some nice poses while keeping balanced even with its tail in a variety of raised positions. However the lack of diecast brings the price more into question as it’s a 7.25″ all-plastic piece at over $150 which definitely puts it in the price range of similarly-sized products with more high-end materials used. All-in-all Shiryu is an extremely well-done toy but I can’t argue with anyone who’s turned off by the more extravagant pricing of it.

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