Bandai keeps the Soul of Chogokin line in the front with what’s easily the best Megazord (Daizyujin) toy ever made.

Producer: Bandai Tamashii

Price: Approx. $300 USD

Release Date: Apr. 2017

Item Height: Approx. 10″

Item Weight: N/A


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Bandai Tamashii has continued their steamroll of highly-requested Soul of Chogokin Super Robot homages with GX-72 Megazord (Daizyujin.) I grew up as a fan of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers even moreso than Transformers so this was a dream come true ever since it was announced. Please check out the video review above as well as my thoughts and gallery below. Did you grow up watching Power Rangers or ZyuRangers? Did you collect any of the toys growing up? What do you think of this one? Let me know in the comments.

Overall Score: 7.5/10 – I’m going to start this by reiterating that this is bar-none the best Megazord figure to date and likely the best one that will possibly ever be made as I don’t see there being a need for another and licensing issues keeping one from being made by other companies who may have went with a different take in terms of design or engineering. Although it’s definitely light on what comes in the box compared to GX-71 Voltron (Golion,) the sword is honestly the only weapon that it used in show (besides its shield which is the Mastadon’s head and a given to have come with.) My main dismay with the price being equivalent to Voltron which was exceptional on every level is the Megazord’s overall attention to detail with its engineering. It’s little things like the lack of locks on the Triceratops’ sides when extended to keep them out, to moderate things like the lack of any sort of moving wheels most apparent in the Megazord’s (gorgeous) Tank/assault mode, to very blatant things like Megazord’s hands not being molded with a small enough insert area in the palm or a tight enough grip in the articulated fingers to be able to hold its sword and shield well. Any one of those things can be overlooked a bit, but when they start to add up it really feels like there may have been some corners cut.

On the flip side, this still manages to be a really good piece due to the amazing design, solid engineering (with more articulation than I ever expected a Megazord piece to have) and a display presence that really makes it stand out in a Super Robot collection. It’s a definite step down from GX-71 Voltron, but a nice step up for Power Rangers (Zyurangers) fans or Mecha collectors that want a definitive Megazord to own. Like I’m sure many others are, I’m anxiously standing by to see if Dragonzord (Dragon Caesar) is announced sometime soon.

Check out the gallery below, and if you like what you see, order yours at AmiAmi.