B2Five toys has teamed up with Acid Rain to show that a smaller scale definitely doesn’t make for any less fun.

Producer: B2Five Toys

Price: Varies per item. Shop and price listings on the B2Five Store

Release Date: Sept. 27th 2017

Item Height: Pilots are 2.5″ and the mecha vary.

Item Weight: N/A

WHERE TO BUY: B2Five Store


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B2Five has teamed up with Acid Rain to bring their toyline to a smaller, 1/28th scale while keeping a lot of the magic that makes the line great in general. Wave 1 of their Acid Rain products features a mixture of Speeders, Strongholds, and pilots. In this article, I’ll go over my experience with each and share some overall thoughts at the end.

The Pilots

I don’t think that this line of B2Five products or Acid Rain as a whole would be what they are without the mecha, but the pilots are extremely well done. At 2.5″ I didn’t expect much looking at them, but I have to say that I was infinitely impressed when I actually took them out and started playing with them. The articulation is definitely on par or better than most upper-end 6″-scaled lines and the detailing on these figures are especially well-done given the size. The Speeders and StrongHolds each come with pilots, and you can even get the K6 Jungle Soldier Set which includes 3 soldiers and a nice variety of weapons.

The Speeders

These are Dune-buggy-type vehicles with smaller, gattling guns on front that have the ability to transform into bipedal mechs all while being ridden. have the option of buying either the individual Blue R711 Mk1r set or the Brown-colored Sand Speeder Mk1 which comes with the Sand Stronghold in the Sand Deluxe Set. Each comes with a rider and weapon for the rider. They also come with adapters to attach the arms of the stongholds! I really like the design of these and general ease of use. The fact that they attach to the backs of the Strongholds is awesome as it looks great and the arm adapters add a lot of combination options between all of the sets.

The StrongHolds

These are more of a boxy-type mech that transforms from a Tank into a more of a traditional Robot. These pieces are well-made, and honestly look fantastic in both modes. I really like the way that the cockpit opens for pilot insertion as well as the swiveling “head” of the machine with with an opening window. The connectivity of these pieces with the Speeder attachment and “hitching” between the tanks is cool, and the interchangeable parts between Strongholds is genius. My hope though is that we see some more color variants throughout this line as the current green of the K6 Jungle Stronghold ST2k and the lighter browns of the Stronghold that comes with the Sand Deluxe set don’t match up too well, in my opinion.

Even though both modes are neat, I’ve found the most play value in the Robot modes. They’re really articulated and just neat to look at. The proportions are stocky, but tough enough not to be considered “cute.” Each of these also comes with a uniquely-molded pilot and weapon.

Overall Score: 8.0/10 – B2Five is basically bringing what has made the Acid Rain toyline great for years to a smaller scale, and they’ve done a fantastic job of it. These pieces are good looking, well-made,
and fun you play with. Even as a mecha fan who’s much more into Super Robots than “Real” Robots, I can’t wait to see what’s coming up for this line

Check out the gallery below, and make sure to orders yours at The B2Five Shop.