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Toy Review/Pictorial: Bandai Tamashii SPEC Tekkaman Blade and Pegas

Who doesn’t love Tekkaman? I can’t think of anyone, and that makes it even more of a treat to review Bandai Tamashii’s SPEC line Tekkaman and Pegas! This is my first review for the SPEC line, and it was great to see that it’s “up to snuff” with my other Chogokin mecha.

Video Segments:

Out of The Box: Beginning

Tekkaman Blade: 3:18

Pegas: 11:38

Pegas Transformation: 16:36

Pegas Alt. Mode: 20:41

Final Thoughts: 25:48

Even moreso than the likeness, the first thing to jump out to me was it’s size. As a minatiure, “pack-in” figure, this thing is 4.5″ tall! On top of that, it’s not only a dead-on likeness, but it’s absolutely and completely poseable right down to the little things like ab crunch and ankle tilting.

Another impressive part about this toy is the small detailing. His shoulders open up for his signature launchers, and his back piece also detaches to be placed on his forearm and used as a blade!

Pegas stands around 8″ from head-to-toe, and has a nice bit of articulation to him. Although his waist and legs aren’t articulated due to his back and and the backside of his legs opening up to fit Tekkaman inside of. Speaking of the fit, the thing that I love is that you simply swap out the head on Tekkaman (The alternate head has smaller crests on the sides) and cross his arms. There’s no obnoxious folding up of the figure as commonly seen to fit him inside of this mecha.

This toy does in fact turn into his carrier mode, and it’s really a sight to see. The transformation has a few areas where you need to be careful, but I saw no real risks of breakage throughout the process. Overall, Transforming him to the carrier mode takes about two minutes.

I do enjoy the attack mode of the carrier mode as well. It’s a nice toss-in from the show, and done very well in this homage.

The Accessories are fairly simple. Tekkaman comes with a variety of hands, as well as his signature staff. I love that he also comes with two “halves” of his staff to show his double weapon handling seen in the anime. Pegas simply comes with a pair of open hands to swap out with his pair of close fists.

Not only do you get a full poseability and great likeness in a Tekkaman figure that’s going on 5″ tall towards, but you get a great Pegas that has some solid poseability in robot mode and a great carrier mode. And, you get these items for a very reasonable price, even second-hand. Products like these are a great representation of Bandai Tamashii and why they are the staple of Japanese mecha toys.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Enjoy a few more pictures of this figure below! Remember to click the pictures to view larger resolutions:

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  • x2pacx

    This one is just too awesome!

    Proude to have it already!

    • I still really like it. I just got the armor plus tekkaman for a bigger tekkaman and now I feel like it’s too big.

      • x2pacx

        Are you going to be making a video review of it?

        When it comes to Tekkaman figures I like the Figma versions! both evil and blade look awesome!!