Toy Review/Pictorial: MakeToys MT-02P Battle Sentinel SG SP


And now we take a look at the other recently released Maketoys upgrade kit for 2012 Shattered Glass Optimus Prime! This kit puts the phrase “bigger and badder” to use from top-to-bottom.

Video Segments:

Out Of The Box: Beginning

Truck Mode: 2:26

Robot Mode: 4:07

Final Thoughts: 14:16

The truck mode pretty much mirrors the upgrade kit for S.G. Ultra Magnus in terms of basic aesthetic. The new front bumpers and hood from the modified chest plate and shoulders truly do wonders for this alt. mode. It does have character-specific detailing with “Till all are Gone!” written on each side of the oil tanker, along with the sword holster and hilt being placed on the back of the tanker like the original Battle Tanker mold.

The first thing that stands out about the robot mode is the new headsculpt. It mirrors that of the original Battle Tanker mold, but has a nice crack from the bottom of the eye through the mouth plate to give it a much more “Shattered Glass” styling to it. A perfect color match of gray, gold, on top of the “little things” like chrome coloring on his missile launchers really make this kit feel like it was “meant” for this deco of the Reveal The Shield Optimus mold.

Weapons-wise, this set is no joke! The most prominent is his big sword, which is the same blade shape as the original Battle Tanker but a clear orange, and also features a new hilt. Gone is the light-up gimmick, and the cord that connects the backpack to the hilt! He also features the standard blasters from the original Battle Tanker, and the option to remove the spikes from his shoulder pads and replace up to two of them with chained spiked for projectile-type weaponry.

Just like all versions of this set, the oil tanker does also turn into an exo-suit for him.

In my last review of the Dagger Insterspace Army Commando deco of this armor, I said that it wasn’t a must-have. That isn’t the case with this one. The 2012 Shattered Glass Optimus Prime has lived in the shadow of the 2008 version since it was released: You now have the means to have a Shattered Glass Optimus Prime that is BETTER than the 2008 version in every way imaginable. If you own the 2012 version, you owe this set to yourself.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Enjoy a few more pictures of this figure below! Remember to click the pictures to view larger resolutions:



  • aaron beatty

    someone selling one on Ebay for $899

  • Ethan Weitendorf

    Botcon 2012 SG Prime in armor brings SG Prime to life.

  • Ethan Weitendorf

    I wish I was rich for Botcon 2012 SG Prime and the Maketoys battle sentinel.

  • OptimusPrime11233

    where did you buy this? Im waiting on the ultra magnus one

  • avenger451

    Btw, what is that optimus prime on the right corner

  • TJ Duckett

    @Kalel – Thanks!

  • Blayne

    Hey TJ, awesome photography as always. Do you kmow if either the DIA tanker or this SG one come with inset ‘comic’ styled art? I know the original tanker did, as well as their yellow Giant series. Was hoping they continued the trend with this series.

    • TJ Duckett

      Hey, thanks boss! And, unfortunately no. :( – These boxes don’t have an opening or flap to see through the box like those other releases did, so even if there was inset art, you couldn’t see it, ya know?

  • KalELofKrypton87

    Awesome review bro! and a badass upgrade set and perfect improvement to the original battle tanker

  • TJ Duckett

    @Duque – Awesome info! That’s pretty interesting that this may not be Optimus at all.

  • DuqueAnimations

    Killer toy tho… sweet chrome accents. Can’t wait to see if MT makes a scourge vers.

  • DuqueAnimations

    I may be wrong
    SG: SP – Shattered Glass Sentinel Prime. Invoking a mirrored version of the Dreamwave version of the character.
    From wiki:
    Sentinel Prime died during the early stages of the civil war on Cybertron, supposedly killed by Megatron in single combat. The only image of him is a yellow hand as seen in the first issue of Dreamwave Productions’ The War Within. When Megatron later battled Optimus Prime for the first time, he states that Sentinel tried to talk him out of his evil ways.

  • TJ Duckett

    @AptKane – Thanks!

  • TJ Duckett

    @Blacktrx – Thanks! And dude, buy it! You gotta!

  • TJ Duckett

    @Trence – It’s awesome!

  • TJ Duckett

    @MrOverkill – Nice. That makes sense!

  • TJ Duckett

    @VD – Thanks!


    Great review TJ!

  • blacktrx409

    Great as always… So jealous though… I need him! haha

  • trence5

    As much I don’t care for the whole Shattered Glass concept – that black, purple and gold linings looks sooooooooo good…..

  • MrOv3rkill

    SP might stand for Shadow Prime, playing off the whole shattered glass theme, even though his actual name is still optimus prime

  • Vdecepticon

    Must buy this O.O Sweet review and keep up the awesome. :)

  • TJ Duckett

    @Code – Don’t agree at all. SG is a version that’s pretty much a dead on repaint of the original battle tanker, while UM has a remolded head, two faces, and the cannon. One of those faces is also clear.

    I understand that you have your individual preferences, but the UM one isn’t “Short changed” in any way.

  • TJ Duckett

    @Mathias – Exactly.

  • TJ Duckett

    @Trustarscreamer – Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuunfrtunate.

  • TJ Duckett

    @DJ – Thanks a lot man.

  • TJ Duckett

    @Glen – I thought about that, but Sentinel Prime’s a different character completely. Hmmmm…

  • TJ Duckett

    @Moon – Dooooo it!

  • CodeXCDM

    8:04 SG Prime gets to be Scorpion of MK fame! LOL

    After looking at both reviews… gotta say.. DIA Commando is a gimped version of this set. You trade chrome on several bits of the figure, the sword, and chains for… an extra gun and transparent face?

    Kinda wished I had SG Prime… I’d cancel my DIA order and try to grab an Sentinel Tanker.

    Good review.

  • mathiasmorqubus

    GET OVER HERE! at 8:04 in.

  • trustarscreamer

    man…only have UM…

  • Djpotter20

    Another well done piece! Great review! Can’t wait to get this one too.

  • glen moore

    maybe sp stands for Sentinel prime

  • mooncake623

    you’re selling this to me…. must get now!

  • Kuma Style

    Looking at the other Armor from MakeToys just released: MT-02P Battle
    Sentinel SG SP!