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Toy Review/Pictorial: Mastermind Creations’ Knight Morpher KM-07 Warper

Mastermind Creations brings down the house with KM-07 Warper: The last in their Hearts of Steel in inspirted Eliminators series! This is the mold that put them, as a company, on the map… and this is the deco that I feel will leave the biggest impression from this series..

Video Segments:

Out Of The Box: Beginning

Change Log: 1:27

Robot Mode: 7:01

Accessories: 9:36

Alt. Mode: 13:37

Final Thoughts: 15:01

With this being the last of four releases of the same mold, the Bi-plane alt. mode comes as nothing new. However, where this shines is the gorgeous color scheme on top of the already great detailing throughout the mold.

The changes from the original prototype were went over extensively in the video portion of this review. However, it needs to be stated again that add ins like the Option of either a “rage” or “stoic” face as well as dark or light grey hands are a great touch, and further proof of Mastermind Creations’ want to give fans something that they truly like on their shelf.

The facial options are definitely due with a mold that has such an insane amount of poseability! There really aren’t any poses that this thing can’t do in it’s robot mode, and what takes the case is all of the individual gears that move while moving specific parts of him (See the video section for a detailed overview of this feature).

Unique to Warper’s version of this mold, he comes with double-barreled blasters as his arm weapons. Like the others, he shares the ability to use his side skirts as swords, and combine those swords with his wings for a giant shoryuken seen in the comics used to create a whirlwind effect.

Although my favorite version of this is the original “Awakening” version of the mold, Mastermind Creations ends this venture into the eliminators very strongly with a very nicely colored deco with some great add-ons. I don’t just recommend this: I recommend ALL of the eliminators.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Enjoy a few more pictures of this figure below! Remember to click the pictures to view larger resolutions: