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Toy Review/Pictorial: Transformers Prime BEAST HUNTERS Lazerback

Continuing along with the Beast Hunters line, we’ve got Lazerback! This one was a very pleasant surprise, as I’m not someone who generally likes “animalistic” Transformers, but love this thing to death.

Video Segments:

Out Of The Box: Beginning

Figure Overview: 1:43

Transformation: 6:56

Alt. Mode: 13:34

Final Thoughts: 16:08

Although the colors are a bit obtrusive to me, this dragon mode rocks. The aesthetic is nice, and it provides a good amount of poseability in the legs and head as well. the weapon storage is fantastic with a seamless integration for both the whip and missile launcher into the back and tail of the dragon. Aesthetically, one thing that does bug me a little is the ears of the dragon. Rather than molded plastic, they are painted rubber, and the lack of finish make me feel like the yellow paint will rub right off of them.

The transformation is simple, but pretty rewarding in that you have two modes which don’t blatantly resemble each other to the point that you can tell exactly how it transformed by looking at them.

The robot mode is nice. The face sculpt actually has a suprising amount of detailing to it: Showcasing an almost cat-like appearance right down to the goatee. I also like the silhouette of this one, with beefy shoulders into a thin waist, and thicker thighs. The poseability on it is awesome. Minus waist swivel, this toy’s articulation is right at the highest end of mainline Transformers toys: So, it’s very impressive.

He uses the same back legs in the dragon mode that he does for his normal legs in robot mode, so it presents a very chicken-legged look which is reminiscent of a lot of the Beast Wars era toys. This threw me off at first, but needless to say he is extremely stable/balanced!

I also enjoy the weapons. The dragon’s tail becomes his whip, and the backside of the dragon becomes his missile launcher. The missile launcher can fit either in his hand (5mm peg) or into a spot on his back for an adjustable over-the-head launcher.

As said at the beginning, I’ve never been a fan of beast-styled Transformers, so it was really surprising to me that I took to this the way I did. Awesome aesthetic on both modes, great weapon storage, and a nice amount of poseability make this a hard one to pass up. Bring on more Predacons!

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Enjoy a few more pictures of this figure below! Remember to click the pictures to view larger resolutions: