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Toy Review/Pictorial: Transformers Prime BEAST HUNTERS Wheeljack

It’s “Prime” time here at Kuma Style, as we review the Beast Hunters version of Wheeljack! A very strong retool of the previous Prime: R.I.D. mold, this toy differentiates itself quite a bit, and in a good way.

Video Segments:

Out Of The Box: Beginning

Figure Overview: 1:43

Transformation: 6:56

Alt. Mode: 13:34

Final Thoughts: 16:08

Honestly, I can’t tell you whether this is a good likeness to the series or not, since Beast Hunters has yet to start and reveal the actual character models being used. What I can tell you is that the washed paint effects, and things like wings and spikes added to the mold not only look cool, but different enough to warrant a purchase of this toy. This remold of the R.I.D. Wheeljack toy does some good things in the right ways to set it apart from it’s predecessor.

His weapon is new for this version as well. it’s a staff that can be gripped with both hands, and has a flat and very wide bladed tip at the end. On the reverse side of the blade, there is a section to insert a ring, which can actually be shot by pressing the staff forward towards the blade end.

The transformation is very similar to the original R.I.D. Wheeljack toy with a few twists to work around the added pieces to the mold. Although it comes together into a solid alt. mode, the transformation is very finicky due to the spikes and wings giving a lot less clearance for the twists and connections in the process. It was actually pretty frustrating the first time through, but after that it was much easier.

The alt. mode is actually the highlight of this toy for me. The remolded/retooled sections of the mold, as well as the additional paint detailing shine on this mode much more than the robot. His weapon actually looks very nice stored on top, too.

I do enjoy this toy and how much the new styling gives it a very different “vibe” than the toy it’s a retool of. However, that same retooling leads to problems in terms of poseability (ie: His wings block shoulder movement) and transformation. The alt. mode is just fantastic, however. Overall, a lot more positives than gripes, and I give this one the nod.

Overall Score: 7.0/10

Enjoy a few more pictures of this figure below! Remember to click the pictures to view larger resolutions: