ArtStorm gives Transformers’ favorite soldier the start treatment with Ultimetal UM-02 Ultra Magnus!

Producer: ArtStorm

Price: Approx. $1100 USD

Release Date: Jun. 2017

Item Height: Approx. 18.5″ (Armored)

Item Weight: N/A

WHERE TO BUY: The Chosen Prime

overview white

ArtStorm continues their “Ultimetal” line of licensed, non-transforming Transformers homages with UM-02 Ultra Magnus. While extremely impressive display-wise, I think that the functionality both in Magnus and particularly Ultra Magnus modes suffered significantly due to the decision to include both. Check out what’s definitely my longest video review in some time as well as some additional thoughts and gallery below and let me know what you think.

Overall Score: 6.5/10 – Honestly, although it makes an impressive display, this isn’t one I can recommend. The Ultra Magnus mode is what I feel most would/should be buying this for and it falls flat on multiple levels from materials used (all plastic armor) to the fact that the armor isn’t very stable while utilizing the very limited articulation this piece has when armored up. The plain Magnus mode is pretty fantastic but the gimmicks stripped from the Optimus Prime that this is a repaint of for the sake of the Ultra Magnus armor makes it a bit disappointing when you’ve had Optimus and seen the things like the moving mouth plate, voice, additional diecast, etc. etc.. Personally, I feel that this piece would have been best suited with it being a straight-up Ultra Magnus and no regular Magnus underneath. That would have given them more opportunity to give us a diecast Ultra Magnus, with a lot more articulation and better gimmicks. $1,100 is no small price to pay and definitely one that warrants exceptional quality; particularly when UM-01 Optimus set such a high standard.

Check out the gallery below, and order yours at The Chosen Prime while it’s still in stock.