X2Toys’ SkyCrusher has turned out to be the Jetfire I never really knew I wanted…

Producer: X2Toys

Price: Approx. $110 USD

Release Date: Nov. 2017

Item Height: Approx. 9.25″

Item Weight: N/A

WHERE TO BUY: The Chosen Prime

overview white

This month, X2Toys started shipping how what I’d call a highly ambitious project in SkyCrusher. This Classics-scaled homage to the Transformers character “Jetfire” utilizes gimmicks like a headmaster (size-compatible with the current “Titans Returns” Transformers toyline) as well as LED-lit eyes which adds to the fun-factor. Check out the video review above as well as my overall thoughts on the piece and gallery below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Overall Score: 7.0/10 – As a toy, Skycrusher is my favorite “Jetfire” figure to-date (including both Classics and Masterpiece scaling.) The build quality is above and beyond a lot of Transformers toys with a level of diecast that puts it on par with quite a few higher-end product lines like Bandai’s Soul of Chogokin. The articulation is very good, the included accessories are well-done and fun with a number of storage options for the weapons. The also-inluded mini-figure is pretty neat and I hope that they continue to pack more of these with future figures (particularly since they’re packed in multiple, random colors; gotta’ catch em’ all!) The transformation is a bit complex, but has a good feel to it while being relatively quick. The alt. mode isn’t the most “clean” in terms of panel breaks, but is a very solid design (I honestly like SkyCrusher’s alt. mode as much as the robot.) What keeps this from being a higher score is the face design being (in my opinion) not as accurate for a G1, cartoon-styled “Jetfire” as it should be and the LED gimmick doesn’t work as it should (explained on video and unknown if it’s a wide-spread issue.) The face in particular can be what I’d consider a “deal breaker” until a better looking option is presented which is unfortunate because this is an overall great piece. X2Toys SkyCrusher is a highly ambitious figure with some cool features that falls a bit short in the q.c. area and misses a really big mark with that face design.

Check out the gallery below and if you fancy one of your own, check out The Chosen Prime and order yours.